Amadi Carpets Inc. is a well established, family owned business that has been producing hand-knotted rugs for the past three generations. Amadi is committed to offering the highest quality craftsmanship and classic rug designs. The rugs produced are influenced by the rich history and designs of antique Persian Sultanabad, Zieglers, Khotans Savafids, Indian Agras, Moguls and many Ottoman textiles.

The old manufacturing traditions have been perfected to produce unique and exquisite hand woven rugs in colors that are perfect for modern day interiors with a classical edge. For those who respect inherent value our incomparable individuality, aesthetics and quality, mark the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It is this mentality that distinguishes our rugs from all others.

The Ahmadi family owns its own workshops and has the facilities and capabilities of including every aspect of the rug manufacturing process from the initial design to the execution to the final release of the merchandise. Amadi Carpets Inc. can produce any size from 3 x 5 ft. to 26 x 40 ft. and has the experience of producing custom-made rugs according to size, design, and color desired by the client.
Amadi rugs’ beauty and lasting value lend pleasure and permanence to modern living. Unparalleled in their graceful and imaginative designs and meticulously hand crafted using the best materials available.

Amadi Carpets sets the types of standards other rug makers aspire to. Not only do Amadi rugs adapt to the spirit of the time, place and lifestyle, the superlative materials, quality and detailing enhance all interior room settings and periods. Browse our available rugs and see for yourself.