Michaelian & Kohlberg

Since 1921 Michaelian & Kohlberg has been a premier source for fine hand-made decorative carpets woven in Nepal, India and China. With original and sophisticated designs that range from traditional to ultra contemporary, Michaelian & Kohlberg carpets create a beautiful and luxurious foundation for today’s finest interiors.

At Mavyan Carpets we are proud of Michaelian & Kohlberg’s firm support of the Indian government’s efforts to eliminate all child labor in India. Each of their looms is registered with the Indian Government and is strictly inspected to insure compliance with Indian Child Labor laws. A portion of the proceeds of each exported carpet is donated to a fund which pays for the establishment of schools in carpet weaving areas, provides lunches for the students at these schools and pays for mobile care vans to provide medical treatment to the children.

All the carpets from Michaelian & Kohlberg may be custom ordered with any color combination, style, and size. We have many resources here at Mavyan Carpets to assist you to determine specific needs and to demonstrate the final look of a custom carpet.