OBEETEE was established in 1920 and today is India’s leading producer and exporter of exquisite hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flatwoven carpets. They are internationally recognized as the premier source for the finest of handmade carpets in India and have received countless national awards for being the country’s largest and most reputable exporter.

Moreover, OBEETEE, a pioneer of numerous manufacturing processes, is also the world’s first licensee of the ‘Woolmark’ for hand-knotted rugs since 1969, and the first handmade rug company in the world to become a brand partner with the ‘Wools of New Zealand’ mark in 1997.

Social and environmental responsibilities are also taken seriously at OBEETEE. We were the first in the industry in India to set up water effluent treatment plants and air pollution control systems. Today, because of this, the fields behind our factory are lush with fertile farmland. Social welfare, too, is a top priority. We encourage and support the local school systems within the weaving region. We have approximately 1,100 employees and work with some 16,000 independent artisans engaged in the weaving and processing of our carpets in India. Given these numbers when coupled with current data on family demographics, we estimate that OBEETEE is responsible for the well being of over 100,000 men, women and children throughout an area encompassing some 60,000 square miles.

Not only does OBEETEE provide the highest compensation and most favorable working conditions to our artisans, we also use the safest dyes and chemicals, thereby ensuring the continued good health for these workers – the finest master craftsmen within our industry. We are the first carpet company in the hand made rug industry worldwide to have secured the Social Accountability System certification (SA 8000) in the year 2004. The company has been re-certified in the year 2007.

We are proud of our refined infrastructure and product development expertise – reputably second to none in the world. Progressive, dynamic, and ethical, we are constantly striving to please our customers, which makes our carpets among the most sought after and offer a lifetime of beauty and delight.