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New Business hours for West Vancouver operation and sale

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Dear clients as of May 6 2011 We adopted new business hours for our West Vancouver operation.

Monday, tuesday ,wednesday– By appointment only

thursday,friday, saturday– 10:30 am  to  4:30 pm

            We started a clearance sale  which we drastically reduced  the prices for one of a kind carpets and kilims.Every single carpet marked clearly to reflect the sale price. This will not last long so we incurage for you to take advantage from this rare event. For more information please call  Ara at 604-619-2588

Spring 2011 Woven Legends Shipment Arrival

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As previously noted, we a re posting some of the highlights of our Spring Woven Legend collection. All of these magnificant carpets are made of vegetable dyes and hand spun wool. They are also carefully selected to reflect the recent trends in colours and designs becomming popular today. The rest of this shipment is stocked in our Granville location for viewing anytime.

woven-legend-2011-april-shipment-002-e1304631475280 woven-legend-2011-april-shipment-007-e1304630578885 woven-legend-2011-april-shipment-008-e1304631371682 woven-legend-2011-april-shipment-012-e1304630801846 woven-legend-2011-april-shipment-018-e1304630999645 woven-legend-2011-april-shipment-019-2-e1304631561884

Buying Trip

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Hello There,

After long and very succesful trip We are now back.We did extensive travel in Turkey, particularly eastern part.

We managed to find some very interesting and rare antique pieces,as well as a good amount of  new Woven Legend carpets. As you may know woven legends produces vegetal dyed hand spun wool carpets.We are extremely proud of representing  them in western Canada.

The shipment is on its way here we will make the pictures available in our web site as soon as they arrive under new arrivals button.

We wish you all happy Easter and see you soon.

Carpet Care

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There are a great variety of rugs on the market today and the quality differs from one to the other. It is espacially important to know the weave and material of the rug you are considering buying when it comes to its care. For example, there are many different varieties of wool which respond differently when washed. A high quality wool rug will respond much better and keeps its sheen. A low quality wool rug when washed will change in appearance.

Some rugs are not even meant to be washed. For example, tufted and shaggy rugs – these rugs generally have fabric glued on the back of them and when washed the glue on the fabric will dissolve with staining and a bad odour may also result.

Badly dyed versus natural dyed rugs also exhibit change when washed. Badly dyed rugs can exhibit color runs which can be stopped with the use of chemicals but these chemicals can be harmful to you and the environment. As long as the rug you buy has natural dyes with the right mordanting agent you should not experience color runs.

You should always follow up with the dealer you buy your rug from in regards to the care of your rug.

At Mavyan Carpets we specialize in vegetable and high grade synthetic dyes and since we are also in the service business, you are guaranteed to get the right information on the care of your rug to withhold its worth and longevity.

For any additional info on rug cleaning and repairs please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 604 986 1165.

Ara Mavyan.

Michaelian & Kohlberg New Arrivals 2011

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We have received a brand new selection of pieces from Michaelian & Kohlberg as their representative in Western Canada. They are all vegetable dye and hand spun wool carpets hand picked to highlight our favorite earth tones colours with stylish transitional and modern patterns. Sizes vary from 3′ x 5′ to 4′ x 6′. Custom order sizes are also available along with traditional sizes.

MK-new-shipment-0011-e1298155796908 MK-new-shipment-0021-e1298155695281 MK-new-shipment-0031-e1298155599802 MK-new-shipment-0041-e1298155507802 MK-new-shipment-0051-e1298155380656 MK-new-shipment-0061-e1298155207545

News from Mavyan Carpets

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Dear valued customers and friends,
Thanks to You We had a succesfull 2010,things were up,We managed to locate some very interesting antique carpets and introduced two new companies which can be seen in our newly created new arrivals page.As We get more stock old or new will be available for You to view in that page.
We are getting ready for Our annual buying trip to Turkey,We will be in hunt for some antique carpets as well as vegetal dyed “Woven Legend” carpets. Also We are always discovering some new companies which practising envirometally friendly business,and fair trading.The date is not set yet, but mid march seems to be realistic.
We are upgrading Our service business to serve You better, We now use green products to achieve your cleaning needs We are limiting our chemical use for most applications but in some cases We will have no choice. We will not proceed unless You authorise us to do so.
We are still offering pick up and delivery service on Your demand.
As we look forward another great year, We wish You to healthy and succesful and a happy new year.

New Obeetee Shipment Arrival

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We just received 3 new Obeetee carpets to our Granville store. They are all 5’x8′ in size and may be custom ordered in larger sizes. They are made in India with a luxurious finish throughout — Obeetee company is well known for producing beautiful carpets.

DSC09485-e1294954886929 DSC09486-e1294955085326 DSC09487-e1294955264317